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The outcome of the testing activity was that the Fishbed “has an excellent operational capability in all flight regimes. However, performance is limited below 15,000 feet due to severe airframe buffeting, which occurs above 595 KIAS” Other limitations of the Fishbed were poor forward and rearward visibility, poor gun capacity, high longitudinal control forces, excessive airspeed bleedoff at high G loads, extremely poor engine response at throttle inputs. The Mig-21′s capabilities were compared to those of the U.S. fighter jets that could meet the Fishbed over North Vietnam. For instance, the F-104 “should employ high-speed, hit-and-run tactics during offensive action and avoid prolonged maneuvering engagements. If the offensive situation deteriorates, the F-104 should separate by accelerate to above Mach .98 below 15,000 feet.”
Dealing with the F-4, although better equipped, with superior zoom and acceleration performance, the Mig-21 had more instantaneous G available than the Phantom at any given airspeed up to the limit load factor of the aircraft.
The F-111, F-105 and F-100 were instead suggested to avoid maneuvering against the Mig-21 that was far more maneuverable that those U.S. planes.

Там pdf на 22 метра и 310 страниц, крайне интересное, а местами даже детективное чтиво, куда там вашей патриотической фантастике... А для индусов так и вовсе обязательное, они до 25 года на 21-м летать будут, ггг. Пропал день, короче.
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