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Stalin devoted all his energy to the organization of a standing army of a size the world had never seen before. But he was not more successful than Lenin and Trotsky had been. The Nazis easily defeated this army and occupied the most important part of Russia's territory. Russia was saved by the British and, above all, by the American forces. American Lend-Lease enabled the Russians to follow on the heels of the Germans when the scarcity of equipment and the threatening American invasion forced them to withdraw from Russia. They could even occasionally defeat the rearguards of the retreating Nazis. They could conquer Berlin and Vienna when the American airplanes had smashed the German defences. When the Americans had crushed the Japanese, the Russians could quietly stab them in the back.
Of course, the communists inside and outside of Russia and the fellow-travellers passionately contend that it was Russia that defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe. They pass over in silence the fact thatthe only reason why the Nazis could not capture Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad was their lack of munitions, airplanes and gasoline. It was the blockade that made it impossible for the Nazis to provide theirarmies with the equipment needed, and to construct in the occupiedRussian territory a transport system that could ship this equipment tothe far distant front line. The decisive battle of the war was the battle of the Atlantic.

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    Да мы как-то и не сомневались особо... Еще со стакана воды перестали сомневаться.

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    Кстати, о птичках... По ходу недавнего обсуждения был поднят вопрос НК-93. Плюс еще где-то видел пару обсуждений в стиле аналогичных дискуссий…

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    Пару слов про хроники деградирующей бензоколонки. Небольшая цитата: Энергоблок № 4 с реактором БН-800 Белоярской АЭС включен в сеть и возобновил…

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