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Вот реакция иноземцев.
2 On Your Side spoke to a passenger seated just rows behind Team Russia before they were thrown off the plane. Michelle Boryszewski of North Tonawanda was headed to Atlanta on the same flight but says the team was well-behaved, polite and appeared «exhausted». Boryszewski says Russian players were seated on board 10 minutes, many of them with neck pillows already in place, before a security guard boarded the aircraft and told team coaches the team needed to get off the flight. Witnesses say while the team was bewildered at why they were being kicked off, members grabbed bags and got off the plane without any issue. Boryszewski says she, along with many other passengers, were confused as to why the players were kicked off and at no time felt unsafe with them aboard.

Вот реакция «русского».
Откормленные и холёные за госсчет выблядки выиграли в хоккей. Обгадили гимн выхолившей их страны. Нажрались и облевались. Публично и мерзко. (via М.Ю.Соколов)

А вот, собственно, обблеванные выблядки и их unruly behavior.

Замечу, что написано не абы когда, а в большой праздник. Ходорковствующие други — я вас поздравляю, у вас прекрасная компания.

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    Котики так котики.

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    Просто такЪ.

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